About Us

John Lund is the President of Entresmart, LLC in Omaha, Nebraska, a business strategy and solutions development company. John has over 20 years of experience operating his own successful business as well as being involved in Strategy planning for several small businesses. John has a passion for helping business grow with his personal motto of “Create Conversation, Inspire Growth.”

Business Experience

In 1995, John founded OFFWIRE Inc. Twice during the 19-year run OFFWIRE was one of Omaha’s fastest growing businesses and three times on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies list. OFFWIRE grew to over $50M in sales and greater than 70 employees. In 2014 OFFWIRE, completed a successful sale to Brightstar, a world renown distributor. Lund became Head of Accessories for North America, leading a team of over 100.

Entrepreneurial Passion and Strategy Experience

John is passionate about entrepreneurship and is heavily involved with the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), which brings together the world’s most driven entrepreneurs to help grow business through experience sharing and networking, supporting over 14,000 members in 138 chapters worldwide. John has held several positions including Chapter President, Area Director, Regional Director, Global Strategic Summit Director and Global Chapter Development Chairman.

John has helped over 30 companies with strategy planning completing 100s of strategy sessions.